Riding On A Patch And A Prayer

This week's win(s)

We're getting to a better place on my project at work, the first two weeks were a fire hose of information, and then we pivoted to a very specific niche of their business logic, so we were able to spend last week getting a closer look at the problem areas we are now tasked to work on.

This week's challenges

I went for my first full ride of the season and it didn't go quite as planned. First off just getting out of the driveway took a half hour. For some reason the steering was out of alignment even though I didn't do anything to the bike, then the front tire was binding when fully turning to the left and I have no idea why. Something to do with the brake cables, but I'll have to investigate later. Then 20 minutes into the ride my front tire went flat. I replaced the rear tube and tire last week and was getting around to the front, but apparently I shouldn't have waited. Took me quite a while to find the hole, it was a teeny little thing. I patched it and headed back home. The patch held up until I was just down the street from the house, so I had to walk it back the rest of the way. Going to get a fresh tube in there and triple check I have my spare tubes in the panniers before every ride.

Patching a bike tube
Patching my front tube

Learn with me

If you've never patched a bicycle tube before, here's a great overview. Not too hard to do, but you just have to stay calm and take your time. It's frustrating as hell to have your ride interrupted, but if you can put that aside you'll be back on the road in no time.

Looking ahead

Should be a good weekend, and despite a forecasted snow storm on Monday temperatures are heading in the right direction finally. My engagement with the current client is winding down and I'm already lined up for another project soon after, so I won't be stuck in the non-billable limbo for an uncertain amount of time which is refreshing.

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