Another New Recumbent

This week's win(s)

I may have a problem, but I'll still tuck this away as a win. I found a SWB (short wheel base) Linear for sale at a bike shop an hour away, and kept my eye on it for a few months but never did anything about it. This past weekend I finally drove up and grabbed it. Yes, we have two long wheel base bikes for myself and the wife, but I figure this one would be great for either spare parts, or just to toss in the back of the car real fast and take it somewhere since the long bikes take a bit more effort to pack up. A lot of people say that the short version is harder to ride, but more agile and faster. I was very very wobbly on it for about 5 minutes but quickly adapted. I haven't ridden it far enough to gauge speed and overall handling but I love the little thing.

I'll do a more in depth look when I can get out and take some nicer photos when it warms up.

Linear SWB Recumbent
Linear SWB Recumbent

This week's challenges

This week was a bit better than the last 3 for my work project. While we're still moving ahead full steam it's getting a bit easier now that we've narrowed down our scope to three options to present to the client. We're about to wrap up Discovery and Framing, and then move into actual development. That's where I will be rolling off and moving onto another project, which from what I understand is in Electron - time to do some quick studying.

Learn with me

Speaking of that, while I have been aware of it, I don't think I've actively developed in Electron.js yet. I plan on spending some time next week looking at some documentation and example projects to get up to speed.

Looking ahead

Temperatures are heading up towards 70 degrees! I finally should be able to get out on the bike (well bikes now) and get some mileage under my belt. I've only done about 20 this year, time to get pedaling.

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