Office Upgrades

This week's win(s)

I'm finally investing some serious time and money in my home office setup and I'm kind of upset I didn't do it earlier. A brand new Steelcase office chair arrived yesterday and I am absolutely blown away by the quality. I've been using a cheap leather office chair from Office Depot or something, I probably picked it up for just over $100 years ago. It was holding up alright, but I didn't realize how uncomfortable it was until I unboxed my new Steelcase and sat down. If you're sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours a day (or more) do yourself a favor, and spend every penny you can on a nice ergonomic chair. Your body is worth it.

Additionally, I took my trusty 5D MkIII off the shelf and hooked it up as a webcam, partly to see if it would work, but mainly because I was so sick of having to turn my desk lamps to shine in my face during my Zoom calls. The 5D captures video so much better, the lighting is so much smoother, and I have a soft background blur now. If you have a Canon EOS DSLR you might be able to do the same, check the EOS Webcam Utility page for downloads and compatibility information.

On top of that I ordered a new Uplift standing desk. Again, I've been using a wobbly IKEA "desk" that I got for maybe $40. It'll be some time until the desk arrives, but when it does I'll share my thoughts on the new setup.

This week's challenges

My current client engagement ended today and went out with a fizzle. Halfway through D&F the client realized the scope was too big and tasked us with something smaller, then a few days ago decided to take that piece and hand it over to an internal team and point our group at something else. I'm rolling off just as we are pivoting to another problem to tackle, so it was just the right time for me, but I don't like how it ended. Lots of discovery and findings that will probably be shelved for quite a while, not sure if they'll see the light of day.

Learn with me

I don't know a ton of music theory and can't play anything on the piano, but I stumbled across a series of YouTube videos where a woman breaks down in amazing detail Nine Inch Nails songs. Here's her dive into my all time favorite song, La Mer.

Looking ahead

I'm starting a new client project on Monday which is always exciting. They shipped me a 2016 or so Macbook Pro to develop on, so for the time being I'm going to have to juggle two systems. It's a good thing I have a new wider desk coming, going to need the space. It does make me realize how much I miss the old MagSafe power connector, that was one of the best Apple innovations.

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