Office Upgrades II

This week's win(s)

My Uplift standing desk arrived on Sunday afternoon (which is shocking considering I placed the order at 2pm on Friday). I put it together Sunday evening and after spending a full week with it I have to say so far I absolutely love it. I was curious how comfortable I would be standing at it and how often I would want to, but so far I've been doing about 15-20 minutes an hour. The standing pad that came free with the desk is so squishy its actually really comfortable under my feet.

The desk raises and lowers very smoothly, and is rock solid even though I have two monster sized monitors sitting atop a clamp-on riser. I chose the upgraded control panel which has 4 pre-set positions, but most importantly it has a child-lock on it to prevent it from being used when I'm not around. Definite necessity for a home office.

I also got a VESA post and modified it slightly to act as a DSLR mount for my Canon 5D to sit just above my primary display. This way it moves with the desk instead of being stuck behind on a tripod and unavailable at standing height. I had to play around with the settings a little bit but I think I've worked out all the issues. The image quality is light years ahead of the simple webcam built into my LG display (it better be for how much I paid for it).

Next up is spending some time doing cable management to get everything tidy, and then adding a diffused LED light panel so I have better lighting.

This week's challenges

The first week on my new client project is under my belt, and I've discovered that their codebase is pretty complex. It's an Angular app with an Electron wrapper (I haven't gotten to that yet) which I was able to get compiled today. I'm getting up to speed and figuring things out the best I can. I have a good idea how everything is on the component level, but haven't stepped back to page construction or anything complicated yet.

Learn with me

It seems the Angular app is built using the Angular Material component system so I am going to have to get up to speed on that asap.

Looking ahead

The COVID vaccine was opened up to everyone in my county on Monday, so I am trying to leverage all the practice I had using TicketMaster back in the day to get me and my wife appointments, but so far no luck. By the time we realized they had opened it up to anyone 18 and over the first two days were completely booked. I'm trying to re-write a script that keeps checking the page to see when the next date goes live, but I haven't had much time to figure that out yet. Until then I just have it up in the background and am refreshing it every few minutes.

Update: I got an appointment for my first dose of the COVID vaccine on Thursday. Time for some celebrating this weekend.

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