First Vaccine Shot

This week's win(s)

On Thursday I went in at 8:30 in the morning to get my first COVID vaccine dose. The local health department had an amazingly organized system setup, and from the time I walked through the front door to being jabbed was maybe five minutes. They had me wait 15 minutes in my car just to make sure I didn't have any bad side effects, and after that I was heading home.

This week's challenges

Unfortunately I had assumed that was the end of it, and from everything I had heard it was the second dose you had to be worried about, however I woke up at 3am Friday morning with a 102 fever, chills, and my whole body ached. I had a hard time sleeping after that, and just felt miserable. I took Friday off and just rested most of the day. By dinner time I felt a bit better, but not 100%, my appetite was nowhere to be seen. By Saturday I felt fine.

Learn with me

I was lucky enough to be able to check my local county health department website and schedule my vaccine, however I know a lot of people struggling still. If you need some information about getting your first dose, check out the CDC's Vaccine Finder tool, get jabbed asap!

Looking ahead

Looking forward to spending a little more time tweaking my desk setup here, I've got an LED soft box I'm going to mount to the VESA post to the left of my DSLR so I'll actually be lit correctly. I also need to do some cable management as the back of the desk is quickly approaching spaghetti levels.

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