Weekly Update

This week's win(s)

This week I was able to put together a new concept homepage for our client application. It's more of a working wireframe, but progress is progress. Plus they were thinking we'd have something by the end of the month to get in front of users for testing, but the fact that we have something already is making them very optimistic. They weren't expecting anything so soon.

This week's challenges

Mostly just dealing with Angular and getting up to speed on the complexity of the system we're working with right now. The codebase has three or four other applications baked into it, so navigating everything has been difficult to say the least. I'm feeling a lot more confident on how Angular components work, and am able to cobble things together at a good pace now.

Learn with me

I can't think of anything specific this week, but I did stumble across this image, I forget where though. It's so simple but I absolutely love it. Bob Ross was a treasure.

I love this quote

Looking ahead

Next week I'm going to have to figure out how to implement a tab based view in Angular which should be quite a challenge. I mocked it up using the Angular Material tabs and got it working at a very rudimentary level this afternoon, but its all in one file and you can't create or close tabs. Lots to do...

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