Warming Up

This week's win(s)

We found ourselves ahead of the curve on our client project this week. The stakeholders were hoping to see a tab based view of the application sometime around the end of the month, but we were able to demo a working version on Thursday, giving us some breathing room to figure out some things next week to get ready for user testing.

I was able to get out this weekend for a 25 mile round trip bike ride, the farthest this year, and hopefully first of many. The weather was right at the point where my cycling pants felt a bit too warm, but it would have been a little on the cold side in shorts. That should change very soon.

Linear Recumbent Bicycle at the Virgil Gilman Trail
Taking the recumbent out for a ride

This week's challenges

This weeks big challenge was (and still is) on React components and how to handle click events. In my re-write in Typescript I'm trying to simplify things and with this approach I'm trying to use a single component in a few different places, and handling the click events on it is proving tricky. I need to have it do different things when clicked depending on its parent component, so wiring that up has got me scratching my head. Once I sort it out I'll share some technical details.

Learn with me

On my bike ride I came to a sudden stop on the path when I spotted the biggest bird I'd ever seen. It was a Sandhill Crane and it had to have been 5' tall. I cautiously got off the bike and took some photos before it started running and took off, but it was so big it took some effort to get going and it was only about 10' from me when it finally lifted off. I love photographing Great Blue Herons and Egrets, but I'd never seen a Sandhill before.

Looking ahead

The forecast looks like it will be up to the 80s this week, so hopefully I can get some more miles on the bike in. Additionally I'm trying to decide where to travel to this summer when I have a few days for myself, I'll be taking a long weekend to myself to re-charge my batteries as it were. I'm almost paralyzed by the options, and while it won't be until August most likely, I still need to get a good idea of where I'm going soon.

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